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Personality is king

“The secret to successful hiring is this: Look for the people who want to change the world." —Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO

Hiring good talent is one of the hardest elements about growing a organisation. Who to trust? Will they perform? Is there more than meets the eye than in an interview?

My belief is personality and attitude trump nearly everything. A person can be taught any technical skill on the job however they can't be taught how to hustle, how to think like an owner or how to go above and beyond and problem solve.

My favourite story the really exemplifies this is an experience I had using Airtasker. From time to time when I have far more deliverables than time I choose to delegate and use a handy service called Airtasker which matches tasks with skilled employees locally in real time.

The task at hand was rather simple but I figured the more reliable the person the less issues I would have. Within an hour I had 15 people bid on task. Some with marketing experience, some with university education, others  with reviews however one particular bid with no reviews caught my eye to me. She had written "Over 15 years marketing experience and recently completed MBA." Despite having other more Airtasker experienced candidates I decided to give her ago. She could of done a half job, she could of seen this task as a once off gig and ruined her reputation by putting just in what it took to get it done. However she choose to use this as an opportunity to demonstrate character traits far beyond that which the task called for. Due to her amazing attitude this task became the first of many and each time she went above and beyond to showcase  what she could bring to the team. 6 months and 15 tasks later when a role became available she was the one that got it. Not because on Linkedin she had the best technical skills for the job but rather her personality and attitude was the perfect cultural fit to be successful in the jib and everything else came secondary.

Treating every encounter in business as an interview for a potential future job may just be what it takes to secure the next open role.  

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