• Shira Schwartz

Infectious Positivity

Some people call it karma, others energy I simply refer to it as infectious positivity

Definition: Infectious Positivity is how the world responds to the happiness and openness of the people in it.

In the last month I have been living in pure bliss. The reality of moving overseas opens your mind to a whole new world of building a new life, meeting new people and creating life experiences that I will remember for a lifetime. Each day is an adventure to get to know another person in this world, an opportunity to open my eyes to that of the people around me and see a new outlook.

I will try to post stories and snapshots that display the impact this is having on my life to act as a reference point for the times when thinking positively and seeing the light in the world we live in isn't so easy.

I was in Amsterdam for The Next Web (TNW) conference in May. An event that brings together 10 000 people, from every corner of the globe for two days of what I would describe as the Coachella of the tech world.

In the opening minutes of the event the founder of the conference stated that the difference between TNW and all other conferences was that this was meant to feel like his private party.

Fast forward 2 days, meeting 50 people, hearing from 15 of the most inspiring people in the world from the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, David Allen or Steven Huffman finished up with the closing party. The event was some of the greatest couple days of my life and through meeting amazing people a long the way on the final night I found myself in the private house party of the founders of the conference along with all the speakers from the event.

Was it luck that I ended up there? Sure. Was it also due to being friendly? Definitely.

More than anything it was infectious positivity, speaking to the random person on the street before I knew who they were, having interesting smart engaging conversations and most of all leaning in to the adventure. I highly recommend trying out life through these eyes.... you never know where you may find yourself.

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