• Shira Schwartz

10 Weeks, 10 Learnings, No Regrets, Only Learnings.

Quit job, move cities, start a fresh.

10 weeks ago I did all three. Not only have I not looked back but I’ve discovered nuggets of knowledge along the way that will stick with me forever. Underlying the adventure I have approached each day with infectious positivity and what has surprised me is how contagious it has been and the opportunities it has presented. Take them or leave them but hopefully it may open your eyes to something new and a peep in my journey in the deep end.. 

1. Find your WHY and live by it everyday. In different periods of your path, your how / what to execute your WHY can change, yet if your WHY remains the same you will make decision for a higher purpose. If a decision can’t align or stack up trust your gut and know it's harder to say no then yes but often worth it in the end

2. Give more then you get to people and karma will do magical things.

3. Say yes to meetings / events / opportunities and be comfortable with not knowing the agenda as the unknown presents opportunities you never thought of.

4. Feedback is your saviour and enemy - use it with caution

People give you feedback based on their insecurities so don’t listen to everything you hear and stop to think where they’re coming from / and what in their life formed that piece of feedback. Often with a zoomed out view you’ll see your perspective and actions differ for good reason.

5. People remember how you make them feel not what you say

Thats why Oprah is Oprah. Make people feel like a million dollars and you’ll stay alive in their memory forever.

6. Be comfortable in the uncomfortable 

Somedays I wake up and am inspired to take on the world like it was my last day on the planet and other days I’m not. Its getting through the uncomfortable times and enjoying the good and not so good scenery that matters.

7. Every interaction with another human is like dating or selling. Never miss a moment to put your best foot forward you never know the value it may bring … even in a future life.

8. Learning out of self need is the best form of official education with or without a piece of paper in the end to prove it. Schedule time for your degree of life.

9. Life is an opportunity cost.  Make decisions and move forward rather than looking back to the opportunity cost.

10. You only know what you don’t know. By thinking you know it all you close yourself off to what you don’t know.

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