I'm Shira.

I like to play where business, experiences,& people come together.

A little something about me

It’s a pleasure to meet you here! I’ve spent the past decade working in companies large and small at the top of their field helping them grow as a business fueled by innovative marketing that connects to people.

I believe life is meant to be lived, holistically, filled with work that is fulfilling, friends and family that constantly challenge you and experiences of all sizes that allow you to make memories for a day or a lifetime.

Today, you can find me hopping around the world from Australia my first home, to Tel Aviv my new home and in between like London & New York. Spending my days advising companies, meeting entrepreneurs and working on my next project (stay tuned).

Some things I've been thinking about 

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Who I am on the inside

What I'm proud of

  • Volunteering in Tanzania​

  • Building an event strategy from 0-100 events  in one year​

  • Traveling to 126 cities

Content I consume

Book | The Mom Test

Podcasts | How I Built This

Blog | Mark Manson

Quotes I live by

"Opportunity dances with those on the dance floor"